01/ Application technology support

EDM discharge technology is a unique and special technology, used in metal processing and cutting. Master has specialized in this technology for many years guaranteed an excellent support and know-how able to satisfy every customer request for metalworking. Master and his agents will be happy to help you with their experience accompanying you into the future.

our customers' inquiries on technical application support.

02/ Complete education and training courses

Master EDM attaches great importance to education and training courses on machinery operation. Our technicians and instructors are at your complete service for the entire duration of the training course, guaranteeing rapid instruction for the operational staff.

  • Knowledge and skills of electronic control system operation
  • Update and function enhancement of electronic control system
  • Training and guidance for machine maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Research of applied technology

03/ After-sales service

Master Offers excellent after-sales service

  • Long-term maintenance service contract and service scope within warranty period
  • Troubleshooting and replacement parts
  • Preventive maintenance service
  • Diagnosis and calibration service
  • Service for the application of electric discharge technology
  • System update and function upgrade
  • Mechanical repositioning and installation

04/ Spare parts

Master EDM Thanks to its spare parts warehouse ready on site, it is able to cope with any repair action, whether it is to replace old parts or new products, we provide fast deliveries to the customer to shorten downtime due to machine breakdowns.

05/ Multi-Brand repairs

We are able to work on different brands of EDM systems, our technicians are equipped with the best instrumentation for the control and verification of mechanical and software malfunctions, they are also able to perform repairs on multiple electronic boards. We have a large and well-stocked spare parts warehouse, we intervene promptly, generally within 24 hours. Our experience has established contacts with technicians of many houses in the world in order to find the solution to the problem in the shortest possible time and find the original spare part, if necessary.

06/ Moving Machines

Master EDM offers a disconnection and repositioning service for EDM machine tools of any brand. We offer our professionalism in guaranteeing uninstallation, moving with suitable equipment and positioning. Leveling and generic testing.